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The Greek Islands of Lesvos and Samos have become holding areas for thousands of refugees fleeing war and persecution.  They live in deplorable living conditions, many for years, as they wait on a sluggish asylum process.


True Change Global Fund is funding local programs that:

  • Provide clothing, sleeping bags, tents and other life sustaining aid upon arrival.

  • Educate children and provide psycho-social support.

  • Provide women, children and the elderly with supplemental meal programs.

  • Create safe spaces for women who are pregnant, nursing and at risk of violence or rape.

  • Legal assistance programs for the asylum process.

​Preventing a catastrophic health crisis in the refugee camps of Lesbos and Samos

  • The refugee camps are home to over 30,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Northern African countries and the men, women, and children need our help now more than ever. ​

  • Social distancing is not an option; frequently washing hands is not an option; and stocking up on supplies in not an option.​


True Change Global Fund is funding efforts to contain a devastating outbreak.

  •  We’re working with local NGOs to educate residents of the camps on proper sanitation techniques and distribute soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

  •  We are helping medical care workers treating COVID-19 patients in the camps​​​.

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