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COVID-19 We need your help now to stop a catastrophic health crisis in the refugee camps of Lesbos and Samos


  • Lesbos recently confirmed its first case of the Coronavirus. The conditions of the refugee camps will lead to a catastrophic health crisis if the virus isn’t contained.


  • Social distancing is not an option; frequently washing hands is not an option; and stocking up on supplies in not an option.


  • The refugee camps are home to over 30,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Northern African countries and the men, women, and children need our help now more than ever. ​


True Change Global Fund is raising money to stop an outbreak before it happens.

  •  We’re working with local NGOs to educate residents of the camps on proper sanitation techniques and distribute soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

  •  We are also helping medical care workers prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19 in the camps​​​

We can’t stress this enough: COVID-19 will devastate these refugee camps. These people are some of the most vulnerable on earth. They’ve already had to flee their homes -- many have lost mothers, fathers, children, and siblings. We must come together today to help the refugees of Lesbos and Samos before it’s too late. 

Keep up to date on the conditions of the camps.