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COVID-19 We need your help now to fund assistance programs domestically and internationally.

Emergency food access for children dependent on school lunch programs

  • More than two thirds of the students in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who regularly eat school lunch are economically dependent upon the meal.


  • Mandatory school closures have eliminated these life sustaining meals.


True Change Global is providing help for thousands of kids and families by funding:

  • Weekday "to-go" meal distribution.

  • Bags of food for the weekends​​.

  • ​Free food markets.

bagged lunch.png

​Preventing a catastrophic health crisis in the refugee camps of Lesbos and Samos

  • The refugee camps are home to over 30,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Northern African countries and the men, women, and children need our help now more than ever. ​

  • Social distancing is not an option; frequently washing hands is not an option; and stocking up on supplies in not an option.​


True Change Global Fund is funding efforts to contain a devastating outbreak.

  •  We’re working with local NGOs to educate residents of the camps on proper sanitation techniques and distribute soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

  •  We are helping medical care workers treating COVID-19 patients in the camps​​​.

Samos Camp1.jpg

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